Subscura is a performance arts collective comprised of multidisciplinary female artists. The troupe is known for using a unique mix of contemporary dance, hip-hop moves, aerial hoops and character theatrics and they are trained in numerable other forms of dance and circus arts. Drawing inspiration from the Vancouver electronic music community where they found their roots, the members have collaborated and performed alongside world-class musicians, fashion designers, visual artists and other performance collectives throughout British Columbia and the U.S. (from

Subscura is a diverse, creative and innovative band of visual performers, spearing together the arts, dance, theatre, and music with unique and fresh concepts. Each performance is curated with much consideration and thought, which manifests itself through each of their provocative shows. The following video is of their 2013 Vancouver Art Gallery, Fuse: Grand Hotel event where they performed a hypnotic and disturbingly beautiful set for the party-goers and arts patrons. 

They will be performing at the Lab Art Show on November 28th, 2014 at Studio East, Vancouver. Come check them out!

For more information and to view their portfolio, visit: