Sarah Smith is an emerging Artist who lives and works in Vancouver, B.C. She spends most of her time sketching, designing, paintings, and staying pale in a basement suite off the Drive. Her most recent series is a print collection titled Bio Dregs: Survivors of the Post Nuclear World, which explores visions of animals in austere and inhospitable landscapes.

On the level of form, her work deals with the stacking of various media such as graphite, drawing, oil pastel, vector work, as well as pen and ink into digital prints. As each medium brings its own aesthetic language to a piece, each piece leaves the viewer reconciling a clashing visual dialogue between each medium represented. Where one piece might be a discussion between the stark and angular precision of vector patterns with that of the soft gradations of graphite pencil, another might be an argument between India ink and pencil crayon. 

On the level of subject, her work generally deals with elements of human and animal form, in an attempt to convey either the likeness of animals to humans or humans to animals. It also ponders the possibility of either a dystopic or post apocalyptic future, where humankind is leveled to the same playing field as the common rat. 

Contact the Artist:


Facebook: seventhavenueapprentice

Phone: (604) 441-2991

Frendz, 14.5" x 9.25", digital print