Into the Night, 16.5" x 20.5"

My goal as an artist is to bring beauty to the disturbing and awareness to the misunderstood. I want to make you think in an intriguing new way about the unusual, hidden and forgotten. A unique angle of a human skull, or a portrait without a face - my art takes society’s conventions and turns them upside down. The art becomes a metaphor for the human experience – not everything is always as it seems. Using different mediums, art gives me the power to change the way you view things, and shakes longstanding beliefs of typical icons.

My art is an expression of my life and experiences. The only constant in my life is change, and I have created art that mirrors that unpredictability. Varying the mediums, adjusting the tone, and looking at predictable items in ways that they are not usually seen is how I bring beauty to my life and to my art.