The Thinker, 28" x 22"

Born in Portugal and brought up in Montreal, Olivia De Almeida has now been living in Vancouver, BC for more than 20 plus years. 

Olivia’s love for art started as a small child where she found her passion for drawing.

She started to paint 13 years ago and only in the last two years, has she become serious about her painting.

Self-taught; Olivia has never taken a class or workshop, and is very grateful for her blessing. She tries different techniques and constantly corrects herself, producing more detailed art work.

Lady "O", 24" x 36"

Olivia has worked in different mediums; pastels, acrylic and now prefers oils.  She loves to paint and create, and loves to start a new project and watch it come to life. Olivia is into painting Realism and tries to capture the subjects true likeness.Olivia cannot describe the feeling of happiness she gets when she’s in her studio listening to music and working on a painting.  Olivia is now working on six different paintings and will post them on her Facebook page and website when they are completed.

Bloom, 24" x 36"

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Melancholia, 24" x 18"