Miky Park was born in South Korea in 1972. After she immigrated to Canada in 1997, she got her Diploma of Fine Arts at Kwantlen University College in 2001 and her B.F.A. at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2007 in Vancouver. She then went back to her home country, Korea and continued her studies to finish her M.F.A. at Hongik University Graduate School in 2010. Since returning to Vancouver in 2010, she has continued her art practice in Vancouver, Canada. 

Pyramid Love #2, 16" x 16"


“There are enormous parts that we cannot prove or explain 

scientifically, logically or rationally in this world. Is it possible to find 

a solution if we try to prove or explain them with philosophical and 

theoretical concepts? I believe it should be a true artist who goes on 

the long journey that is accompanied by lots of difficulties to find, 

rather than ignore or just accept, the impossibility. As one of the true 

artists who is willing to go on that journey, I trust my attitude and 

intuitiveness toward art could approach viewers in variable and 

mutable perspectives by communicating with them more than just a 

personal belief. I intend to search for answers to this question by 

exploring the concepts of oppressed human desire, consciousness, 

unconsciousness, eroticism and the uncanny."

Untitled, 28" x 28"


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Secret #3, 46" x 36"