Basically I am in a creative urge to reveal pure beauty in life by painting, as I believe art is the closest possible way to imitate life in terms of birth, suffering, joy and death … but just in a more abstract and artificial way than actual life really is. 

And why paint? Because it makes light visible.

Crime Scene, 56" x 62"

By what means - there is no desire for showing moments of one-to-one in the pieces, but to allow moments to create their own desired existence by letting the light find its individual shape, shade and place. Afterwards, I add clear lines at the incidental occurred edges to give the naturally arisen expressions a structure. In this way the spectator can find its own conclusion about what she/he sees so it keeps on being interesting to look at the ready pieces again and again and ...

Pachamama and Sundancekid at the Lake, 65" x 104"

At the end, the outcome of the pieces is going to be naturally created, and then by finding solutions, worked out composition. Whereat, the joy in doing is essential as true creation dissolves itself by the action of creating. Further I tell myself: Do not take yourself too seriously.

I recently moved to Paris where I´m about to prepare for an exhibition for next spring.

Madame Ignorancia, 75" x 99"