Wisdom, Allegories Series, 28" x 28", watercolour on board

Compassion, Allegories Series, 28" x 28", watercolour on board


I have always believed that art is a combination between communication and craftsmanship. The series "Allegories" was my first attempt to harness control of both aspects.I also wanted to create a series of art that would convey an optimistic message to the viewer, believing that art can be used as a vehicle for inspiration. I decided to choose five virtues that I find are necessary to make a good person and illustrate them through five mandala-like watercolours. In each frame there would be an animal, colour, pattern, hand, and flower that would be symbolic of the virtue they represent. This series was by far my longest running body of works, but it was definitely a labour of love.

Snapshot 3, Snapshot Series, 11" x 18", archival c-print

It is a base quality of a person to be interested in their fellow people. I, as a artist who is drawn to figuration and portraiture have always wanted to capture a person in their most essential state. I would walk down streets and pass people, wishing that I could have captured them in that exact moment of earnest and openness. However, as any artist will tell you, the moment you make a person aware that they are the subject they begin to posture themselves and it becomes an image of how they want to be seen, and not who they are. The only way I saw to combat this was to take my camera around with me everywhere. I went shooting it from the hip without ever raising it or seeming to take a picture. This meant I was guessing at composition and exposure, but the result was a collection of very personal and natural looking portraits.

Snapshot 1, Snapshot series, 11' 14', archival c-print


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