I was born and raised in the Soviet Russia, to a family of Russian-Ukrainian parents. In 2001, after completion of my degree in Medicine, we moved to Vancouver, B.C. and I have been residing here with my family since.

Always loving drawing and painting, I made the best decision of my life when I applied to the Arts Program at Langara College in Vancouver. It helped me to develop my artistic skills and to understand where the starting point for myself was in order to grow as an artist. 

My contemporary painting style is a combination of the gestural traces of the human body and/or organic forms of abstract realism of nature. It renders dreams for the future, love or playful flirtation in the moment of the individual obscurity and ominousity. I believe "ART could shift for the better perspective: the standpoint not only of the individual but of societies as well." I have exhibited in Canada and internationally. These works belong to private collections in Canada, Italy, Spain, Australia and New Zealand. I was awarded the "HONOR THE ARTS IN CREATIVITY AND EXCELLENCE' in Italy, 2011.