Kerri-Jo, BPE, Msc, MPF, is a developing artist who has documented Turkmen culture in Turkmenistan and Iran. She first established herself through capturing the beauty of the equine athlete and photographing events around the world. She exhibits her work internationally and her work from Turkmenistan has hung in three gallery exhibitions. 

Kerri-Jo also is doing exploratory art looking at women's issues. Her Identity series questions oppression, culture and choice and her Madonna series also questions the way society looks at women. These series have moved Kerri-Jo through photojournalism to explore mixed media in documentation and art.

Kerri-Jo Stewart, BPE, MSc, MPF, was awarded the prestigious title of Master Photographer in 2014 by Master Photographers International and the Professional Photographers of Canada, BC Photographer of the year 2013. Other major achievements include PPOC-BC Fine Art Award 2014, the PPOC top press photo, Canada 2013 and the top editorial photo, BC 2013, as well as representing Canada at the World Photographic Championships in 2014 and two CAPA Gold Medals, 2013, 2014.

You can find her books and contact her through her website at