Artist and acrylic painter, in her middle twenties, Julie grew up in Quebec City and now lives and works in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Her passion for Art began at a young age. As a child she was surrounded by art, photography and music.

Djues was given the opportunity to study in visuals arts in Quebec City before her twenties. Passionate about fashion she decided to carry on with her study with a bachelor in clothing design in Lyon, France.

Inspired by skylines and architecture, her style mixes abstraction, geometry and accumulation. She works with bottles and brushes as well as purpose textured lines. Themes and meaning of her works tend to be focused on time such as past or future visions, as well as life evolution. 

As a multidisciplinary woman, Julie, enjoys spending her time writing, taking photos, drawing illustrations, improving her painting techniques, as well as working within the clothing industry.

Currently, her creative work style is heavily inspired by wild elements, animals and portraits.

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