White Flower, 20 x 24, acrylic on canvas

J.W. Tatum is a self taught artist working and living in East Vancouver. A product of Waldorf schooling, art has always been a major focus and influence in his day to day life.

After high school, J.W. went on to graduate from film school and while painting and drawing were always a part of his life he spent time pursuing other goals and working in the film and nightlife industry. After writing and releasing his first book "How to Make $500 a Night Bartending" and winning the Vancouver Nightlife Award for Bartender of the Year in 2013, J.W. decided it was time to return to art. He started releasing his art on Instagram and other social media platforms and quickly developed a following and client base both locally and internationally. This led to him making the decision to re devote himself to art full time.

Babers, 30 x 24, acrylic on canvas

Full Moon, 18 x 24, acrylic on canvas

Working in several mediums and styles, J.W. creates drawings, paintings and murals, mainly focusing on the female face and form, with a style that brings street art inside and onto the canvas.

J.W. Tatum III // Gallery III

Instagram: @gallery_III

Twitter: @galleryIII

Colour Block, 8.5 x 11, print