Watching expressions move across a face. Talking, laughing, changing position slightly, looking somewhere else, thinking. Watching the light, so beautiful, play on the features of an interesting face. Getting to know your subject slightly better. Praying that everything comes together, and you get "that shot." A slight stillness, maybe a nanosecond long. Breathing in. Holding my breath still.

My name is Ingrid Bird and I am a freelance portrait photographer with all of my being! I love to get the call to photograph somebody, swing my camera over my shoulder, and jump into my car. Or maybe they are coming to my house. What adventures will there be for me today? The light is so beautiful, it hurts my heart and my eyes. Doesn't everyone see it? Maybe I can get that one special photograph that reveals the magic of another human being. Will they show me a little of themselves? Do they trust me enough? 

I feel so fortunate and grateful, to be able to follow my passion of photography. It has taught me to see, in my busy, busy life. It is a gift of oneself, that I give freely. I hope you enjoy my portraits today.