Science of Mind: Origins of Creation, 24" x 18"

I have recently worked with Glitz Entertainment at the Latin Festival in 2014. I heard about the Lab Art Show, as the organizers were talking about it, and also there was an advertisement for it at the event. As I understand it, the Lab Art Show is a coming together of different artists, musicians and dancers all sharing with each other their work, making connections, and networking in the area. 

Manifestation of Buddha, 24" x 24"

The reason why I want to be part of this Lab Art Show is because I want to allow my art to be seen by the larger public and by other artists in the area. I want to make connections which will be beneficial for my art and allow me to go to places and reach people that I could not before. Vancouver has one the best art scenes in the West and the city itself is beautiful. It is a big city with many important people, I am hoping that someone can look at my art and see what I see in it and find importance in it. I want to go on to the next level of being an Artist and the Lab Art Show will provide that stage for me.

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Manifestation of Light, 16" x 20"