Misty Patchwork Landscape, 30" x 30"

I am an actress, painter, and art teacher. Born in South Africa and raised in Vancouver, my early inspiration was drawn from the abstract paintings and sculpture crafted by my grandfather and respectively the jewelry, drawings, and pottery created by my mother. I studied theatre and art history at the University of Toronto, Visual Art at the College of Art and Design in Sydney, Australia, and acting at the New School for Drama in NYC. 

Elephants in Goa, 36" x 36"

Knots In A Broken Heart, 30" x 30"

Painting, like acting, is a process of storytelling for me. All the elements and subtleties that emerge in the process of telling a story, shed light on the landscape and themes of a play, and inform the landscape and themes of a painting. I am excited by this process. I apply layers of toilet paper, paste, acrylic and water colour paint to canvas, rolling and sponging elements away, scratching for surprises amidst the layers. A landscape emerges from this process and informs where next to deepen and intensify contours and textures. Inspired by weathered textures and Indian block prints, tapestries, and fabrics... I pull together these elements to create abstracted landscapes.

A River Runs Through It, 30" x 58"