E.R. Gott has been involved in the arts communities of Victoria, Vancouver and Seattle for more than ten years. Starting with a three year art residency with the Hawkeye Gallery in Seattle, WA, in 2002, he has been involved in fourteen group shows; 5 solo shows hosted by a variety of galleries, including the Hawkeye Gallery of Seattle, WA; Victoria, BC’s Fifty Fifty Arts Collective, The Ministry of Casual Living; and most recently, Victoria’s Integrate Arts Festival.

“As an Artist I believe one purpose of art is to communicate social, cultural and emotional observations while at the same time allowing both the painter and the viewer to commune/play with what Jung called our collective unconscious. Basing my art’s 'language' on the appropriation of pop and cultural icons and an intentional unrefined stencil/clip art based technique, I ultimately try to create something which will engage, enrage, shock and make the viewer question our collective social and personal values.”

E.R Gott’s work can be seen on his Facebook page.