c3 is a conceptual artist based out of Vancouver, Canada who has become well known for her intricate sculptures and distinctive style.  

c3 studied Fine Arts in the 1990’s; during her studies she became intrigued with furniture design and interiors.  After getting her degree in Fine Arts she enrolled at BCIT majoring in Interior Design. She got back into her art full time in 2012 and since then her work has appeared in several galleries and art events in Canada. 

Primarily her work is instigated by nature.  Her intricate sculptures are a bi-product of her research into fractals, insect anatomy, plant cells, crystals, etc.  By composing monochrome geometries, her intention is to entice others to experience & step into this infinite & finite universe.  In this case, man made forms provoked by traditional Japanese paper folding.

c3 wants her viewers to experience the beauty of things unseen.  “When one looks closely at the intricate details of a leaf, an insect, or the complex structure of a tree, one perceives a hidden labyrinthine world.”