Blue Girl, 10 x 8, acrylic on canvas

My name is Ava Lily Simard and I am twelve years old.

I have loved art since being able to hold a pencil.  I am always drawing or painting, it’s my passion. My favorite artist is Picasso; he was such an incredible talent.  I am an Arts Umbrella student and also spend time with artist mentor, Asiza.

At the moment, I am enjoying using acrylics and trying different techniques using brushes and pallet knifes.  I’m really trying to perfect faces and people.

Bee, 41 x 29, oil pastels on paper

The last two years, my art has been selected by Arts Umbrella to be exhibited in their annual student gallery exhibition and is currently on show in the Bentall Center in Vancouver, B.C. Currently, I have art being shown in the Arts 4 Life exhibition in Port Moody. I’ve also had a piece of my art featured in a magazine when I was six years old.

The Beach, 20 x 41, acrylic on canvas

Butterfly, 29 x 41, watercolour on paper