The duo AROZ, started in 2013, searching always connect in their work its forms of expression and thinking. Born and raised in São Paulo, the city is our horizon and it extracted the unnoticed, main character of chaotic metropolis.

Umbrella, 29.7cm x 42cm, A3

A flower that springs from the concrete to the square that became building, the invisible in all their sizes can be found in our work and the motivation in doing it is the main reason to remain vigilant. 

Outside, 29.7cm x 42cm, A3

The video that we will present (at Lab Art Show at Studio East, November 28, 2014) in looping is our multitude of busy lives and distracted, dying to get to where they don’t know where, and they photograph the quick look, but this time they really look, which meets. While the audiovisual moves, transits, changes, jump, turn, screams, run, sleep, eat, the photo rests... and makes you reflect.

Cold, 29.7cm x 42cm, A3

Work, 29.7cm x 42cm, A3