Sky is a North Vancouver-born man who takes life lightly, focuses on fun rather than seriousness, the posh lifestyle Vancouver is known for, and his style of art shows that with bright colours and a story built on laughs.

His painting style is done mainly by hand and he has been know to incorporate cigarettes, alcohol and whatever else may be laying around into his work. It's the punk rock version of Jackson pollock.

Sky has been heavy into art since the age of 6 but has never publicly advertised his work until recently when it gained a welcoming response by many different crowds through previous galleries such as a Spice Girls inspired show and a Bob Ross event. When Sky is not making a movie, creating mischief with his friends or throwing paint and putting a cigarette out on a canvas, you'll find him chasing pints and making laughs at your local watering hole. 

Sky's art page can be seen on Facebook or on Instagram @sky__almas