Ron Straight is a semi-retired commercial artist. He has been painting since 2007, after a very long delay from briefly painting in 1975. In 2003, he discovered he had 6 half brothers and sisters in which he was the first born of the Ojibway nation in Manitoba. He has met only one brother personally. During his time as a commercial artist, he took many photographs and kept his ideas, knowing that he would again pick up the paint brush.

The first two to three years was a time of discovery, a time of which he would finally see what he would want to paint. It would be nature - basically a history of him growing up, of things he had seen in his life. 

His work as a commercial artist reflects his view of the natural world in a unique way. Influenced by his upbringing and his newly found heritage, his paintings merge the real and the imagined through digital and illustrative elements.

He was raised on the Prairies, but now lives in Surrey, British Columbia.