Catherine has spent her entire life exploring the visual arts in unique and creative ways. Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Catherine attended Teacher's College in Lausanne where she earned her degree in Children's Pedagogy.

In 1983, Catherine arrived in Canada to stay and often credits the country's accepting atmosphere with giving her the confidence and freedom to explore her imagination. She turned her family's year-long tour of the Pacific into three coffee table travel books. Her decade-long experience teaching children through the arts found expression in the five children's books she wrote and illustrated.

With her energy, life experience and emotions set to burst, Catherine was compelled to start painting. Creative expression through teaching art, writing children’s books, quilting and making pottery was no longer fulfilling. World travel has also been a source of inspiration and has redirected her energy and creativity into abstract and semi abstract work. 

In the past 7 years, Catherine has been painting with a group of five women called 5enses and is stimulated by all that positive energy that it gives her.

Since 2007 she has been painting full time and has had exhibits in British Columbia, Quebec, France, Switzerland and Germany.