February 1989 was the year I arrived in Canada. A few months after my arrival, I started to miss my roots and my culture. This was a reason for me to start painting again. I started with print paper and 25 cent water colors - I will never forget that. I was so excited with my very first two paintings of Aztec and Mayan symbols “Warrior” and “Medicine man.’’ Warrior because I needed the strength and confidence. Medicine man because it make me feel the connection with mother earth, nature, and my spirit. 

A few years later I tried a different style, always going back to symbolism. The material changed from water color to acrylics. I also sometimes paint Mexican popular art, “La Catrina" - life is a celebration, life is so short and so beautiful. La Catrina is not about death but it is about life. Every one of my paintings has a spiritual message or a message of love. I believe that love can heal. Every time I have an emotion inside my heart, I will process that for days before it is captured on canvas, using vibrant colors and trying to feel it every time I look at it on a wall.