Carla Sumarlidson is a Vancouver based artist who specializes in two dimensional painting. Her studio is downtown near Burrard and Davie. She has been making art for over 40 years and has been actively promoting her work in the past 3 years. She studied painting at the University of BC with Gordon Smith. Carla has worked for the New Westminster School District for the past 30 years as teacher, advocate and promotor of the arts in education. 

Reality Bites

Artist' Statement:

I am a spontaneous artist who envisions moments and brings them to life through my paintings. “I’ve got these pictures in my head and I’ve just got to get them out!” They are direct acts of expression and connection that occur between me, the viewer and the world. 

My muse is the life experiences I have witnessed or the emotions I have faced. The images just come out of me. One can liken it to surrealistic automatism. A thought strikes me, I prepare preliminary drawings, begin the canvas and the painting takes over. I work “automatically” and quickly to produce the initial sketch on canvas to avoid being deliberate. I let the painting be itself from my subconscious and develop the image to make the mysterious comprehensible. As my teacher and mentor, Gordon Smith, would say:

“There’s a point where the painting takes on a life of its own and you work from there.”

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Summer Grass