I am a native San Francisco, Bay Area photographer utilizing color and black and white digital photography as an artistic medium. Photographing internationally and locally, my interest and skill reside in creating intimacy with every subject matter from the inherent beauty bursting through eroded structures in the Mojave Desert, to the quintessential living spirit forever alive in San Francisco, day or night, and urban beauty around the world.  Urban photography and rustic architecture from India to Oakland, California has been my focus over the past few years. The history, stories and timeless touch grow richer in feel with every abandoned structure where time and age do favors, adding flavors of beauty and depth with every move of the camera. 

These lost now found subjects call out to me, otherwise unnoticed of their quiet beauty. 

Photography affirms there is life in everything and everything is worth cherishing. I ask myself what it is about each appearing scene that is relentlessly tugging at my creative strings to have it’s picture taken and reflect in action with camera to fulfill the call.