Hello Dog, is her latest project is a book for children to learn about being safe with dogs.

Jo lives in Vancouver, BC - and is intrigued by the individual uniqueness of place.

- A City of Vancouver Heritage Award for her paintings of Old Grocery Stores

- co-founder and past-president of Heritage Vancouver, an advocacy society 

- appointed to The Heritage Advisory Commission for the City of Vancouver in 1990s

 - artist in residence at Gulf of Georgia Cannery, a national historic site

 - published an an article on The Iron Chink, a salmon canning machine

 - an Award from the City of Kelowna for her painting of their emblem flower.   

Born in Argentina, she attended school with daughters of Peron’s generals, learning early the value of discretion. Moving to Peru with her parents just before the revolution, she then went to high school in Ottawa, Canada. 

Back in in Lima, she began painting at the Art Center with John Davis.

Working with archaeologists exploring the mysteries of the Incas. Jo became fascinated by pre-Inca textile and pottery designs. Jo has a degree in Set Design and Painting from Regent St Polytechnic, London, UK.