I worked as a fashion designer for many years before discovering my passion for painting, having taken a few classes that sparked my interest around 2004. Apart from attending workshops from time to time, I’m mainly self-taught, and haven’t had any formal training.

I’ll be the first to admit that I never imagined that painting would ever become more than a hobby, since I would only paint once or twice a year on a whim! I’m interested in painting whatever subject that inspires me, but do have a particular fondness for landscapes, and love to play with colors and textures. I used to dabble in both acrylic and oil, but lately have been focusing on oil exclusively.

Originally from Hong Kong, I grew to love Chinese calligraphy, even though I do not have the same passion for Chinese paintings. I feel that western style painting gives me a greater sense of freedom, and allows me to express my creativity more fully.

I have been living in the beautiful city of Vancouver for 20 years now, and continue to be inspired by the stunning landscape all around me. I am also inspired by great local artists, especially Brent Lynch, Mike Svob, Suzanne Northcott and Wilson Chu.