4 years ago I started my art education at Vancouver Island school of Art. I was working at the school as well as taking classes, making my way towards a degree. Working at the school really exposed me to the side of art I did not appreciate, the waste produced. My chosen medium at that time was photography. However, I became irritated sitting in front of a computer for hours on end with digital, and was put off by the chemicals involved in analogue photography. I thought, if anything, art should be one of the few things in this world that has a low environmental impact. I quit art school and went to study arts and sciences, but found I was craving creativity. So I moved on to take carpentry, with hopes of moving into natural building (which can be very creative), but commercial construction is incredibly toxic for the environment, the body, and the mind; Not to mention, incredibly un-creative.

At this point, all I wanted to do was sit down with a pen and paper and draw. My newest drawings, simply ink on paper, are a subconscious free flow. I like to make art that engages the subconscious, rather than the logical mind. I think that most art made today has a lot of rules and intentional thought behind it, but I prefer to just experience art and feel it on a deeper level. In my view, this is what art is meant to be; To evoke a feeling, not a thought.