I consider myself to be a visual artist. I use several types of media to express and channel my art. I was born in Havana, Cuba in 1973 among an enthusiastic artistic family. I was introduced to different forms of art early in my life and developed a deep appreciation and sensibility for art history and universal culture. These influences continued on later in my life when I began working in 1993 has an Archeologist Assistant at the Historian of Havana City office.  Here I worked under the direction of Havana Historian Eusebio Leal. 

My work at this institution consisted of mapping archeological sites and the reproduction of papers of a great variety of styles and designs found in many of the artifacts dating back to the 18th to late 15th century.

Plates and tableware of European and Mexican majolica along with Chinese and Japanese porcelain pottery were part of the objects found in the old city mansions.

I collaborated in the restoration and conservation of religious oil paintings and colonial wall art decorations. Further, I worked at the International School of Cinema and Television where I wrote and produced short films.

While in Vancouver I have focused the direction of my work primarily within my personal production of art through a series of drawings, collages and paintings that have been exhibited in Canada, Italy and Cuba. In conjunction with my own art production I collaborate in the photography, camera and editing of video performances by Canadian artist, Rebecca Belmore.