Nature choreographed by Elaine Hunter

Magical photography with inspired use of colour and digital imagery. I was born in the UK, and was always fascinated by the world around me. As a child, I could usually be found somewhere out alone in the middle of fields of flowers, or paddling in a local pond.

As I grew up I always had a camera close by, and became a professional photographer in 2003.

My latest exhibition  is a photographic experiment in search of the illusive world around us. I want to take you to a wildly fanciful terrestrial paradise. Whether it is one plant, an ocean or a mountain range, it is my intention to make you wonder if the visions that I create were actually there when the photograph was taken. 

With the advancement of digital photography, I have discovered the perfect medium to create dramatic one-of-a-kind images. I love the journey from the camera lens to the computer where I create the finished pieces of art.

My experience consists of over 10 years of perfecting my skill and technique in the art of image-making through photographic manipulation. However, the artistic eye for composition, color and harmony are embedded in my soul. I am simply connected to Nature in a way I cannot explain, and in the quiet of the moment, Nature communicates with me guiding my eye.

My goal is to uplift, inspire and support you on your journey through life. I wish to excite you as you gaze upon the images of Nature that I create. I feel that I am revealing the soul of Nature, and hope that you too, experience the love that I have in my heart for the world around me.