William has being drawing and painting since he can remember.

In love with music as well; he enjoys songwriting and producing and has being part of one hip-hop group, one indie band and one green art collective in his hometown Cali, Colombia. Right now he works together with one friend on an electronic music project.

In 2002 he graduated from Graphic Design. He has worked for advertising agencies, newspaper and design studios. In 2011 he graduated from Industrial Design without staying away from Fine Art and Illustration. Lately he has been a freelance designer for different commercial, cultural or social projects; working with friends, colleagues, and other professionals.

Spent one year in England and seven months in Canada working as a volunteer for people with special needs. During this times; apart from breaking free from offices and day to day routine, he has had the opportunity to travel and meet people from all over the world which helps him satisfy his constant need to see more and to experiment.

Now based in Montreal he kept on drawing and painting, his technique is a mixture of pencil, markers, acrylic, watercolor and digital media. His work consists mainly of abstract compositions. Inspired by urban scenarios and all sorts of emotions; whether from his personal life or from other people’s lives and points of view.

You can see some of his work here: