Veronica was born in Ukraine, but her parents moved her to Russia. Since childhood she created different things – at the age of twelve it was a collection of Barbie's dresses and shoes, at fourteen she created a jewelery collection from beads. All her youth she invented clothes for herself and gave style advises for others. Her dream was to be a designer but series of unfortunate events made her pursue economic degree in Saint-Petersburg.

While studying there she created a handmade collection of knitted shirts with beads and silk. But she had neither money nor parents support to declare herself as a designer and she was forced to continue her study. While studing at university she bought a photocamera and began shooting, but no one took her passion seriously. Veronica worked with a one of the largest model agencies in Saint-Petersburg for three years. After fully realizing that Russian fashion business is dishonest and exploitative both for models and photographers and how it kills any kind of creativity she could not continue to work in a such sphere.

Today having two degrees – one in Economy and other in Law – Veronica laughs how meaningless they are. But those degrees helped her understand that you can never escape your faith and now she can proudly accept herself as an artist. She’s a self-taught artist and photographer but she says that if you have a mind of a true artist it doesn’t really matter what kind of degree you have. Life will still guide you towards creating your own true and unique work.

Veronica moved to Vancouver last year with her husband. Now she can really present herself as an artist as Vancouver is a perfect place to be yourself. Her work always represents her feelings and observations about our not perfect and challenging world.

She works in different styles - oil and acrylic paintings, digital and paper collages, digital art, photography and experimental video and performance art. Today she do not have an opportunity to study in the art school or university but she hopes that day will come because she believes it’s her real destiny. She says that she’s learning everyday, as each day is not just another day but a totally new experience. It is our choice to live life as it is or try to fix it with our art that’s why she tries to create something everyday.