Having lived roughly half my life in India and the other half in the U.S.A, I cannot help myself from feeling inspired by the beauty in contrasts, colours, and textures.

The technique that I am currently working on developing can be related to that of applying henna. The art of henna brings to my mind a playful tradition from Hindu Weddings.

However playful, the subject of marriage can be quiet heavy for many women and men in my native country. For this reason, I bring the same texture to you with more colours and non-traditional designs.

The free flowing transfer of my thoughts through my hand can be looked upon as a simple example of one Indian woman who is free to express herself...

After graduating from high-school I remember asking my dad “What if I don’t want to go to college?” He replied jokingly, “You can always stay here with us and then get married.”

Naturally, I choose instead to go to California College Of The Arts. Today I hold a BFA in Photography with knowledge of Graphic Design tools, but my heart is drawn to the luscious tactility of paint. My art is a reflection of my subconscious mind.