I am excited to be participating in The Lab Art show which will be a first showing of my work to a wider audience than just family, friends and Facebook followers.

As a teenager on my first trip to Mexico, I fell in love with their use of bright colours. I paint with acrylic and mixed media on canvas in a cartoonish style and I work digitally, scanning my drawings into Adobe Photoshop and manipulating the images. I am often asked if I see these images in my head... The dragons, magicians, unicorns, skeletons and imps do reside in my head and sometimes come out to play on canvas, paper and pixels.

My most complex work (The Magician – Tarot Card... painted on a wood panel) was worked on over a period of more than 35 years. It is my own favorite painting but other pieces haven’t taken even a small portion of that time to produce.

A second tarot card themed painting (The Blasted Tower) featured in the show works with both traditional imagery and a contemporary take on this archetypal image. Ya gotta love those conspiracy theorists.

A third painting featured (50 dragons) is titled this way because humans are compelled to look longer if they need to confirm that there are indeed 50 dragons. ... and George seems a little bit outnumbered here.