Born in Mexico, Mario Castanon grew up surrounded by art. His parents made a point in exposing him and his siblings to as many art forms as possible, whether it was museums, galleries, opera.

His mother was a painter and sculptress. His father a writer and pasioante about classical music and opera. It was not uncommon to find Mr Castanon’s childhood house filled with reproductions of art work thanks to his father’s work in charge of the nation wide Arts Department at an educational institution.

This upbringing helped Mr. Castanon acquire a deep sense of aesthetics which is translated in his photography work. Mr. Castanon focuses mainly in Art Photography, looking for subjects that are out of the ordinary in his relentless search for beauty in the details we miss due to our fast paced lives.

A self taught photographer, years of try and error helped Mr Castanon create a deep and intimate sense of beauty in places like a candle wick, ice cubes, rain drops.

Mr. Castanon is considered a purist, editing an image is not for him. He believs the duty of a photographer is to take the necessary time and effort to compose and ensure all adjustments are done before pressing the shutter button. His idea is to convey in a faithful matter what he saw in the subject.

Mr. Castanon passion for photography expands for over 25 years.