Kinsey Deakin is a Vancouver based artist who works primarily in paint and mixed media and more recently body painting. In her vibrant works the artist travels her dreams, visions, and imagination to explore imagery beyond reality. Her unique style weaves realistic figures and surrealist elements into funky, psychedelic environments. The artist strives to lead the viewer into these environments to question the world which surrounds them in comparison to the worlds they see when their eyes are closed. “ It all exists in space and time, whether we are seeing a visual as internal or external space, it is all relevant and I aim to present the viewer with a combination of the two forms of space from my perspective”.

Kinsey draws inspiration and influence from many facets of life, such as, conversations, media, fashion photography, memories, the cosmos, nature, environmental politics, surrealism and travel. She commonly embraces the different cultures she has experienced through traveling, incorporating various elements of non-western aesthetic culture into her work. With the multitude of influences and concepts that interest her, she often morphs one object into another, creating a seamless flow of ideas that produce unity within the work. This theory of metamorphosis stems from her belief that everything in our world is connected, in a rhizomatic like web, intertwining systems of ideas and objects that result in ordered chaos.