Well my life has always had it's ups and downs. In late 2010, there was a down, a fall down. I fell off a roof landing on the cement, head first. I did suffer mid to serious brain damage and along my recovery, I picked up a pencil, as I needed to somehow create something positive. I quite often find myself sitting at my art table for as long as twelve hours, it brings me new peace, tranquility and great satisfaction. Eventually I showed my neuro (brain) doctors my art, and told them I was unable to draw a simple stick figure before my accident. As I've seen more than one of Vancouver's top psychologists through out my recovery, I would bring a few pieces of my art to them, asking for an explanation as how before my injury I couldn't draw, but afterwards I could. Most doctors were quite pleased to find this out, and explained to me that, yes, it's a known phenomenon. LONG STORY SHORT, The artistic side of my brain has begun compensating for the side that is damaged from the injury, giving me the ability to draw. 

A SWITCH HAS BEEN FLIPPED ON. At a young age I've always been interested and influenced by the Asian culture, mostly the Japanese. The huge beautiful temples, mighty Samurai warriors, fierce dragons, the peaceful Buddhist monks and all beautiful geisha girl.

I hope you can enjoy this as much as I did drawing it, and it brings you peace like it brought me.

Jordy Johnson