I guess you could call me a meandering collection of artistic expression in the form of a girl --mostly surfacing in waves of photography, music, installation and the written word. Originally from the slick city pavements of Toronto, Ontario and currently residing in the beautiful wilds of British Columbia (after a whirlwind of extreme measures to half- satisfy an unrelenting sense of curiosity and wanderlust.)

Familiar with most facets of photography, I have still always been perpetually drawn to the essence of vulnerability that comes along with self-portraiture. I like what it calls me to face within myself as I move through the world and how it inspires me to try and create fleeting moments or display unnameable feelings that call people to bare witness. I have been lucky enough to have that vulnerability given back to me through this process, in a way, and somehow have found self-portraiture remaining still to be my most supported and challenging practice in photography. Currently, I'm finishing my first book of poems and beginning several new photography projects that can be followed on