Is a conceptual mixed media artist based in Vancouver. Her art is inspired by memories of those close to her, meanings she draw from everyday life, her experiences as a Taiwanese Vancouverite who has traveled extensively around the world and even just spontaneous encounters. 

Since each conceptual idea may require different mediums, Coco varies in her use of materials but enjoys painting, collage, and photography in particular. There are no limits to make art, it is exciting to combine materials with various technique through experimentation. Some of the common themes of her work are: Abstraction and pattern, the artist’s body and meaningful art. 

Meaningful art is where she introduce most of her cultural references, and spiritual beliefs. Titles are a significant part in her work since they relate to what she is thinking while making it or where an idea comes from, yet not giving it all away. She prefers to leave room for the audience to interpret their own meanings.