Having just made the transition from living in Hawaii to moving to Vancouver, I am excited to have the oppourtunity to be able to explore the city’s artistic beauty differing from the island element I grew up in. My photography shifted from natural to conceptual in the past couple years.

As a digital photographer, it is my goal to capture the essence of current issues that are impacting adolescents. Elements I use include color manipulation, quotes, and some double exposure. Every piece is a social commentary that includes bold symbols and interpretive principles. I largely focus on problems challenging "Generation Z". 

Adolescents today are heavily influenced by unrealistic models created by the media promoting an unhealthy devotion to self-image. This coupled with a rise in substance abuse has impacted the balance of mind and body. Each piece expresses this with either a physical or mental obstacle that is commonly faced. My work largely focuses upon teenage females and their relationship to society. 

Another one of my goals as an artist is to create pieces that are relatable and have the power to move others to think critically. I want to be able to reveal some of the problems that are faced behind closed doors in order to raise social awareness. I hope to impact not only an adult audience, but also to inspire younger people to carefully look at their actions and make positive choices.