Alison Stoochnoff, a lover of all things weird and crazy but also a passionate graphics artist, photographer & editor.

I recently graduated from my first year at Vancouver Film School where I specialized in Motions Graphics but I've loved to draw ever since I was a little kid. With a lifetime full of practice, I find myself designing characters, fonts/lettering, and motion graphic videos that could be used for marketing.

These characters represent how I picture myself in an Alter Egotistic way. I always like to match visually as I do emotionally and sometimes even a certain outfit can change a person’s mood or behavior. I like to recognize that in my own life and capture it graphically.

The mediums I used to create these pieces include graphic pen, pencil crayon & digital software. I really appreciate good line quality and a lot of contrast to make colours bright & exciting! I hope one day to have my own digital graphic company /or work for one where I can create more funky art for the rest of my days.