Since I can remember, picking up a paintbrush or marker and creating a visual work of art is what I loved more than anything. Art is a passion that has stayed with me and continues to fuel my need to create.

Wanting to learn more about fine arts, in 2002 I enrolled in the Fine Arts Program at Kwantlen University College. Painting, photography, mixed media and sketching were my fields of study. Fascination in these fields, especially painting, can be attributed to the endless possibilities when it came to experimenting with different mediums and discovering new methods in their application. Working with canvases on floor surfaces, texturizing and combining different mediums plays an integral role in the art I create. Styles of my work include abstraction, surrealism, graphic imagery and mixed media. Nature, landscapes and people are my subjects. My eyes are drawn to their colors, textures, lines and shapes. Being able to skew and juxtapose the visibly obvious intrigues me. Dali and Picasso bring inspiration to my work.

Before graduating in 2005, I submitted my first painting; Nature vs. Concrete to the Student Spring Art Show. Immediately after University, I sought out public spaces to display my work. Cuppa Joe Café held my first art show; Re-creation in 2008.

Other locations include The White Rock Art Gallery, Southridge Elementary School, The Federation Gallery and Salon Diva Hair Salon. In 2012 paintings from Re-creation 2008 are now a permanent collection at Salon Diva Hair Salon.