Rhandi Sandford is a Canadian artist. Her work is based on the idea that the exploration of the mind is a hallucination induced by thoughts. Inside there are hives within hives, within hives. To find the key, you must walk into the asylum of your head and experience all that lies at the core. Be patient and document it. Surreal memos of things no one else has ever really seen.

Looking up into the silvery night sky the moon shines down, pulling at us to question the infinity of the universe. No matter where you are standing, or what tribe you belong to, the moon is calling you back to the centre. Back to the beginning of a delicate existence in which we were just a glob of inadequate algae on an ocean rock. 

My work represents the inevitable creation and destruction we participate in daily as stylish forms of bacteria with opposable thumbs. 

It is predetermined what will become of us, and in the end the earth will eat us. A cyclical circus of life infused with a smidgen of tantalizing voodoo.