I think of photography as a visual language -­‐ composed not only of what we see, but what we do and how we, as individuals, interact with the world and the people around us. I find that there are endless possibilities that come with combining elements and mediums in collaboration with my photography. This is why many of my pieces are altered, not by changing the photograph itself, but by adding onto the image. I will often draw, collage and layer onto (or incorporated into) my photographs. These pieces are aesthetically unique, the final product revealing conceptual themes that merge reality and fantasy.

Additionally, I am fascinated by the camera’s ability to capture that which the human eye cannot. This is evident in my work with double, multiple and long exposure photography.

These forms of photography allow the photographer creative space to express abstract and elusive ideas. I use multiple exposures to merge images that would not normally relate to one another, placing them stark contrast, often resulting in an unexpected unity.

Overall, I find that my innate desire to partake in the stories that unfold around me, along with a fervent curiosity about the world, fuels my passion for photography.