I have always found the natural environment to be a place of connection, mystery, contemplation and renewal. I feel rejuvenated outdoors and my creative mind awakens. I am awed by the beauty of the trees, the stillness of the forest, the movement of water, the silent power of a mountain, or the vibrancy of a field of flowers. These images are stored in my memory and serve as my artistic inspiration.

While my work mainly represents the landscapes of British Columbia, Canada, where I am blessed to live, they also represent elements of nature I have seen and stored in my mind, or my camera, while travelling throughout northern Canada. At times I am drawn to painting or creating some memory of a landscape seen, other times I merge landscape images together in my mind and I create a new landscape. Each of my paintings will have its own unique representation of nature; however, what they all have in common is my love of texture.

I paint exclusively with palette knives because they allow me to incorporate layers and textures with the intent of drawing the viewer in. I want the viewer to explore the textures, and in some way, share the exploration of nature with me. My paintings tell not only the stories of my outdoor journeys and adventures, they also share my memories and imagination.