“I take pictures, because my soul requires it.”

Art demands our attention! Moreover, the artist is driven to create! There is no medium I love more than photography. My professional life is spent working as a clinician in methadone maintenance. It is through this work that much inspiration begins. As a freelance photographer, I am given the opportunity to express both the joys and conflicts seeded by working so closely with human joy and pain alike.

I can go for months taking very few pictures, even though I take a camera just about everywhere I go. I tend to spend long hours looking for significance, a theme that cannot be captured like a snapshot from a mobile phone.

If anything, the ubiquitous nature of snapshot photography has driven me to improve my art, forcing me to seek and create something distinct and unique. Once I decide on a theme, I go after it tenaciously for months, shooting roll after roll. Then I go into the darkroom, spending about the same amount of time processing and drying film, scanning negatives, and processing digitally. The time required to work with film is a true gift. Its beauty comes through hard work, revealed throughout the process, not simply an instant image from camera to screen.

My work as a freelance photographer has followed me in travels from Idaho, to Alaska, and now my home in Vancouver BC. I work primarily in 120 film format, but love to experiment with instant peel apart papers by Fuji. Analog and digital formats both offer something special in my mind. I love the workflow of the computer to compare and tweak what I have created from film.

It is almost impossible to pick my favorite camera. However, I can say, that on my most recent trip to Cuba, I lugged around a Mamiya RZ Pro II system, and caught some great images regardless of the bulk. When shooting digital, the trick in my bag is the Nikon D800.