Rose McNeil is a freelance visual artist, trained at Vancouver island university, and now living in Burnaby. Though the last few years have shifted her career path to the stage, her art has never let her put it in the back seat. 

Rose’s interest in art began as a little girl, illustrating the stories she read in books, with a particular interest in folklore and Grimm fairy tails. she was always fascinated by the combination of magical beauty and the grotesque. This interest wasn’t lost as an adult, when it collided with her feminist roots, and she started an ongoing visual exploration of the parallels between women’s roles in these stories and their modern societal expectations. 

She has never liked being limited by one medium. Rose's pieces often combine paint, ink drawing, etching, and sculptural elements. On her own time, she sells homemade jewellery online, experimenting with broken glass, found objects, and organic materials dipped in resin. Rose’s talents have been recruited to illustrate textbooks, design greeting cards, and help create tattoo designs.