I call my style of painting ‘Abstract Architecture’. The objective is to let the eyes and brain operate in their own realm of what’s true and false. I enjoy the idea of creating visual perspective that at first appears logical but is seen to be a physical impossibility when inspected closer.This affinity to architectural illusion is largely influenced by my interest in M.C. Escher.

Painting for me is an exercise in focus and relaxation. The process of applying paint to canvas, for as long as I can remember, has felt cathartic and therapeutic; almost to the point to self-hypnosis. At the best of times it feels as though I am letting go of conscious awareness and experiencing a fluid stream of thought without judgement or bias. In the same vein, I let each painting develop on its own without over-analysis or scrutiny. If an idea arises that could improve the painting, I try it. With art, even when you fail, you succeed.