Romina Khorramshahi is a Vancouver based freelance artist specializing in performance, painting, and sculpture. She has recently graduated from the University of British Columbia, with a double degree majoring in both Psychology and Visual Arts, and is now pursuing an artistic career within the visual art community by actively researching and producing new works. Her artworks are usually vibrant with colors and shapes, and she uses a variety of materials to explore the relationships between sculpture and painting. Her accomplishments include her performance piece entitled LAND (2012), which was performed at The AHVA Library Gallery on November 14, 2012.  NOTE: she is interested in doing performances for the opening should the Lab Art Show Curator permit her to do so.

Her paintings include a series of three abstract geometry paintings entitled Confession (2010), Passion (2012), and Obsession (2013); in addition to, a series of figure paintings entitled Anastasia (2010), Bubbles: Self-Portrait (2011), Moulin Rogue (2013), Ode To Cinderella (2013), Competition For The Princess (2012), and Geometric Self Portrait (2013).

The gummy bear is the material and inspiration for her sculpture series, which includes 3 gummy bear sculptures: Brancuzi’s The Kiss (2013), Excessive (2012), and Deadly (2011). She explores ideas of overpopulation and chaos with Excessive and Deadly; additionally, Brancusi’s The Kiss is a study of Brancusi’s work entitled The Kiss which she repurposes using new materials.