She grew up in a creative home in Quebec, and had the opportunity to learn and experiment different artistic mediums from a very young age. She landed in British Columbia in early 2006, and never left it’s shores. She finds plenty of inspirations to draw from the rich nature, mountains and surroundings that are representative of the west coast. She mainly works with inks, pens, collages and acrylic paints. Being a face painter and body painter for nearly 15 years, she decided to go back to school and studied makeup artistry. She graduated with honours in 2009 from Blanche MacDonald Centre and was professionally trained in beauty, fashion, stage, film & tv, airbrushing, special FX makeup and prosthetics. She currently works as a Makeup Artist in Vancouver for the Film & TV industry, as well as on numerous photo shoots, or face paints and illuminates children's faces at festivals. For any inquiries regarding bookings or her work, please email