Award winning Vancouver Island based photographer Lisa Graham established Seadance Photography in 2009 and specializes in underwater portraits with an artistic flair. Her knowledge as a portrait photographer and her history as a dive instructor and underwater photographer create a unique skill-set with unique results. Lisa’s underwater portraits are described as ethereal, fantastical and portray another world. 

Much of her body of work involves water in some manner. Above or below, she is known for her expressive style. She explores the artistic possibilities photography has to offer and especially loves how water lends a new element to her subjects, be it in the reflection of a bride & groom on a pond, blurred waves on a beach, fish in the sea or people in a pool. 

“Whether it’s photographing a person or place, my goal for every image is not just to tell a story, but to reveal their character. Photography brings out the best in me…. my motive as a photographer is to bring out the best in my subject.”

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